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50mm x 1m Black FASTNA® Brand Back To Back Strapping

Manufacturer: FASTNA®

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50mm x 1m Black FASTNA® Back to Back Strapping

  • Length : 1m
  • Width : 50mm
  • Colour : Black


This back to back hook and loop strapping is ideal for securing cables and other items around the home and office. Unlike plastic cable ties, you cannot over tighten this strapping, preventing damage to cables or other items secured.

Using it couldn't be simpler, just cut the length you need from the roll, wrap it around the item you're securing and then press together. The strapping sticks to itself with a light but firm grip and can be easily unpeeled in the future to be used again and again.

Key Features

  • Can be re-used thousands of times.
  • Easily cut to the required length.
  • Cannot be overtightened.

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